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Health Hack: Sticking To Diet Goals

– Now for today’s Health Hack. It can be hard to get motivated to eat healthy and it can be even harder to stick to it. The National Institutes of Health say eating healthy has plenty of long term benefits. So here’s three great tips to keep you on track. First, make a list of attainable dietary goals. Start with one goal at a time and when that goal becomes a habit, move on to the next goal. That way, you won’t become overwhelmed or get off track. Second, pack your lunch. The Wellness Council of America says that way, you can plan out proper proportions and make sure you’re getting something nutritious. And finally, reward yourself for your small successes with something other than food. The National Institutes of Health say doing something you enjoy can serve as positive reinforcement to help you stick to your healthy diet long-term. For more Health Hacks head to our website,


Asian Diet Secrets Part 1 Wengie Diet Plan Lose Weight Diet Tips and Nutrition

Hi everyone this Wengie here, Welcome to third part of my diet tip series, this week I’m gonna be going through something that I find really really interesting and that is the Diets Secrets of Asia, Japanese women in particular are very well know for their diets to keep them slim, I think there was a book written about it, about Japanese diets tips and tricks, in countries like Japan is incredibly important to stay slim, companies actually have policies where they will measure your waistline every year and if you are over a certain healthy waistline they actually put you on a sort of probation program and I guess help you get your diet on track, and find out why you are going.. becoming like overweight, I guess is a way for the government to combat like higher health cost later on, from obesity, I notice every time I go back to Japan especially when I went in University, everyone was so slim, I don’t think I saw a single overweight person like on the train, there was like none, I was so surprised, like, I was like, where..

What.., like how can everyone just be like really really skinny, and I think the women are not afraid to tell each other when they are overweight, like I know here, it’s kinda like if someone is a bit overweight, you don’t want to be rude and you don’t want to tell them, hey you are overweight, but apparently in Japan, they just go you are overweight do something about it, so I think they are very open there and the culture is very different, but I realized like..

Recently going back to japan, I go almost every year, I love that place, but I found that there are a few more overweight people in Japan, probably because I guess the food is becoming more processed more westernized, there is a lot more fast food, I think people are going away from their traditional diets and culture, which keep them quite slim, what I just told you about Japan, it’s sort of my experience on what I saw when I was there, my best friend is also Japanese and she is very very slim and naturally so, I think she was just brought up in a way in a culture, that sort of promoted, healthy eating habits and not overeating, and I guess just emphasize in being slim, so today I’m gonna be sharing with you, 10 things that Asians do that keep them slim, so the first tip is to drink green tea and just tea in general, there are so many benefits that green tea have, beyond just losing weight, I mean is just full of antioxidants, it increases your metabolism, a faster metabolism allows you to burn more calories, and keeps..

I guess is just like keeping your engine running efficiently, drinking green tea can actually burn an extra 70 to 80 calories per day, and not only that, it can help keep you young, because it has a lot of antioxidants that you know keep the wrinkles from coming, you can get green tea in a variety of forms as well, like you can get it in a tea bag, tea leaves or um.. I got this really cool green tea from the market, is called the jasmine pearl green tea, smells really nice, there is all different kinds of green tea, they come in little balls it’s so cute and just put it in a tea pot and drink it, so the best water temperature to actually..

For pearl green tea is, I think is about 98 degrees, so don’t just put straight boiling water in it, just let cool down for like a minute or two before you pour it into your tea leaves or tea bag, there are other types of tea that are really good for you as well, this is called Pu-erm, as pronounced in chinese, it’s pronounced P-U-E-R-H TEA, I found this in chinese supermarkets, it’s got a really strong taste, if you don’t like strong tea this is probably not for you, I’d stick to green tea, this also known to help you lose weight, I think it’s the taste, I know that green tea actually has this slightly bit of taste and it helps curb your appetite and your sweet tooth at times, the other type of tea that you can get like if you are not a hot beverage fan, you can buy these packets at DAISO or probably Japanese supermarkets, but is actually tea for like a big jug or like a big bottle, like one liter bottle that you can just put in the fridge, whenever I went over to my best friends house, she would always have like a jug of these like chilled in like the fridge, it’s perfect for summer, she usually has oolong tea, this is barley tea and it’s got a black soybean flavor, you can get barley tea as well or oolong or sort of jasmine tea and what you do is, you get a big jug or you get a big bottle and you sort of brew the tea in the bottle and then choke it in the fridge and any time that you need to drink cold water or a cold drink instead of reaching for a juice or a soft drink you actually just pour the tea, tea is really nice, if you want a bit of sweet taste to it, you can just add a little bit of honey when you brew and then choke it in the fridge, you can probably buy bottles of it as well, in the Asian supermarket, they have big two liter, one liter bottle of tea that you can just choke in the fridge, but sometimes if you want it fresh and less manufactured, you can just buy these tea bags, or you can just get you know, a couple of your green tea bags and just put a few more and just choke it in, brew it, and choke it in the fridge, it’s the perfect..

I guess way to kind of keep off soft drinks and sugary drinks, the best time to drink tea is, before a meal during a meal and after a meal, I mean you can drink tea the whole time I usually drink tea in the morning as well and then with my lunch and then with my dinner, my best friend always said that her mom, gave her a cup of tea to drink with her dinner or before her dinner and that is really smart because I think that if you drink tea before dinner it actually keeps you a bit full, so you don’t overeat, so you already got something in your stomach so you are not completely hungry and starving when you eat, and also drinking tea after dinner will really help curb your appetite from too many sweets, the taste of the tea really helps settle some cravings… you know after I drink tea that I’m less likely to crave unhealthy food, is also really nice to have with me just a small sweet like instead of having like a full flan cake with dessert or ice cream, you have like a small sweet with tea and that is really nice for dessert.

The Asian tip number 2, is to always have soup with your meal, so I’m not sure if you guys had Asian soup before, but Asian soup especially chinese soup is made out of pork bones, chicken feet or chicken broth, the best thing about these kind of soups is it’s super cheap to make, because bones are just like 2 dollars a kilo, 3 dollars a kilo where I can get them, you can probably get them free from the butcher, if they sort of get rid of it, and all you need to do is seriously wash it, choke it in a pot, bring it to the boil and when the bones like pork bones, or beef bones first come to boil, there is a lot of like brown stuff, so you just tip it all out, scrub it, wash it, choke it back in, and then pour water onto it again and reboil it from there, add you know carrots, add corn, add like dates to sweeten up the flavor and whatever you want really, and after a few hours the pot is ready, is really really good for you, it’s got a lot of minerals in it from the bone, you can add a little bit of vinegar or apple cider, the acidity really brings out all the nice minerals from the bone, is just really great to have sort of before or after dinner, when I was growing up, every weekend we had soup with our meal, and I guess if we had her stay at home mom..

, you probably have soup every meal if you are in a traditional chinese family, my mom worked so the only time she had time to make soup was on the weekend, I was having this conversation with my friend the other day, you know different chinese people have soup at different times, you either have it before dinner or you have it after dinner, some families have it before some families have it after, in the restaurants they serve it to you before and the sweet soup is served after, the good thing about the soup is not only is super good for you it also actually helps you like the green tea fill you up a little bit, before you start your meal, before you start eating rice and before you start.. you know eating your main meal, so having like a bowl of soup with your meal of before you meal is good because it keeps you full and if you eat slow enough, you actually feel full and eat less food and also the liquid is sucking in your actual food, I’m not sure if you’d noticed, but when you eat like noodle soup and then sometimes if you eat too quickly and then you drink the soup and then it just expands your stomach, because the noodles suck it up and just expands, and you feel terrible, but yeah japanese people have miso soup with their meals so it really depends, if it’s too hard to make bones soup, you can also drink miso soup as well, they come in packets these days, the only thing about miso soup is it might be really high in sodium, which isn’t good for you in the long run, so maybe make your own miso soup with a little bit less salt, I currently actually make bone soup once a week, and I just make this huge pot, and I put in the fridge, and I just drink it whenever I can, it’s really good for your skin as well, especially if you put things like chicken feet, I know it might sound disgusting, but it has a lot of collagen things with a lot of collagen really make your skin nice, so I been trying to include more collagen to my diet.

The third Asian diet tip It’s actually to eat more vegetables, I’m not sure if you notice but when you look at Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine and also Korean cuisine even, it’s very low in meat, and very high in vegetables, a traditional Korean family diet, is mainly made up of rice and vegetables, not that much meat, my family only had like a small cut of meat like.. and usually you chop it and sliced it up and include it with the veggies, and that would be kind of like your meat, or maybe you have like a 1 meat dish and then like 3 vegetables dishes, but we would always have a vegetable dish, like the would not be one day, where we don’t have vegetables, vegetables and rice was like a staple, and I think that really help to keep me slim, because vegetables are actually very good for you and they are very low in calories, low calorie vegetables are very predominant in Asian cuisine like cabbage I know Japanese people have a lot of cabbage, so the Korean people, I mean Chinese greens are very low in calories and are very good for you, lettuce is even good because like lettuce is only water, you can eat as much lettuce as you want, and my favorite thing to put with lettuce is like to put in a hotpot, hotpot lettuce is the best, other low calories vegetables that are very predominant in the Asian diet is raddish as well as..

Japanese people eat a lot of radish and radish is included in various dishes, as long as you eat more vegetables not starchy vegetable like potatoes but just like leafy greens and spinach, spinach is so good for you and those kind of things, like I don’t think you ever gain weight if you just replace a large portion of your diet with those kind of vegetables, even things like, I know a lot of K-pop stars actually instead of eating like lunch, they have like a sweet.. a steam sweet potato and they are like super good for you and they are really really filling, so if you ever feel like snack or something during the day, why not think of like, roasting or steaming some corn or sweet potato or like steaming some vegetables as a snack, because I’ve done that before, I like savory snacks so like it does take a little bit more affort but you are more likely to stick to your diet, steaming your vegetables or stir frying with a little bit for oil keeps the calories down as well.

Asian tip number 4, how you use utensils?, so let’s compare, how we eat food, let’s say a spoon or a fork right, how much food do you feed in your mouth with that, compare that with eating with chopsticks, not only does chopsticks make that much difficult to eat a lot of food in a short period of time, if you don’t actually know how use chopsticks, it might even be a celebratory moment to even get food into your mouth so using chopsticks to eat actually makes you eat a lot slower, like if you pick up your food slowly and also you pick up less food each time, because when I eat with chopsticks like..

How we eat in China like a family is like all the dishes are placed in the middle, you have your bowl of rice, and you have your chopsticks and then you just grab food put it in your bowl and then your eat it, so is not like, you are served with a huge plate of food that you have to finish, you just take what you want, and because you are taking 1 at the time, one piece at the time it’s like..

It really controls, how fast you eat, because your stomach takes about 10 minutes to realize it’s actually full, eating slow means, you eat less in the long run, and you don’t overstuff yourself, so eating like this, maybe you should try like serving the dishes separate, to like your bread or your rice and only take enough to finish your bowl of rice or something, you find that you will eat a lot less and you feel less obliged to finish everything in your plate and you might find that you know.. you don’t actually need as much like meat and stuff to finish your rice, you might eat less and you can take more vegetables and things like that, but eating like this, will mean that you eat a lot slower, although I have seen some really pro chopstick users that just like shovel it into their mouth, don’t do that. Asian tip number 5, I covered this in my last week’s video, in japanese culture there is an old saying that they say which is, “hara hachi bu” and that just means eat till you are 8/10 full and that is 80 percent full and that is something that has been past down generation to generation, it’s a really good habit to get into, because overstuffing yourself is actually not good for you because you are forcing your stomach to work really really hard to digest and you don’t actually need that much food, you just need enough food to keep you going for the day and make sure that you eat enough nutrition to keep you nourished, ‘hara hachi bu’ comes from a Confucius’s teachings and yeah I guess the culture really pick up on it, in fact I think in Japan eating like a pig or eating too much is actually look down upon, it’s like why do you need to eat so much you are such a pig, so I guess it is a good thing when..

When you know you are stuffing your face instead of people just encouraging you to do it, like.. it’s kinda like why are you eating so much, but with that being said I think Japanese people have this weird obsession with eating competitions I know there is like this girl in Japan she is like.. she only weighs 45 kilos, super small and I saw her eat 7 kilos of rice and curry that is crazy, but yeah eat to your eighty percent full. tip number 6 is switch from rice to brown rice and you just choke in this and you steam it, and you eat from this it’s..

eating fish is actually better for you because it’s high in sort of like fish oil which is really good for you.. like if you go to the convenience store in Japan, you can sort of buy this stuff and eat for breakfast and it’s good for you and it’s made out of something called.. .

I Tried The ilitaryDiet For A Week

Hungry I am so hungry. I have no food to eat today! – Hello, everybody and welcome back to my channel I’m wearing some happy lipstick because what we’re about to get into is going to be miserable so a lot of you guys have asked me to try the Military diet. I had never heard of this before, and I thought military diet? That sounds cool. That sounds great I feel like if it’s something that people in the army do it should be safe Boy was I wrong.

It’s only called the military diet because only the strong survive. You might be thinking Three days is dumb. I could do three days so easily… A lot can happen when you’re hungry, guys, and I get hangry. And after looking at this, the three days look a little scary so each day will go from 1,300 calories to 1,200 calories to 1,100 calories And then you have four days of a 1,500 Calorie diet plan So that’s pretty simple, but the goal of this diet is to lose up to 10 pounds in seven days which sounds totally sustainable.

Oh God, but I… mean I’m amped to try it. Just because I want to see what this is all about the days are very strange. This diet has a lot of tuna, bread coffee, and ice cream. And eggs… So I mean in terms of how much you have to pay for to get this diet It’s pretty simple foods that I feel like are very easy to find you know I’ve never really had a cup of ice cream and two hotdogs with no bun as a meal, But we’ll see No need for strenuous exercise or expensive pills! I don’t..

I.. what, like, pills? What, like, diet pills? “The people that fail on the military diet simply don’t have the drive and determination to do what they can.” That’s like kind of rude. This is bullying people into a diet I’m not a fan. Alright military diet, I’m coming for you, and I’m going to get you! I am… coming home from work – not driving, I am about to leave work right now, and I’m just gonna say my head is killing me I don’t know if it’s that I’m Kind of doing a Detox of sugar I don’t know what it is but I’m starving and I can’t wait to have my cup of ice cream, so I’m ready for that.

It was a struggle. I feel really tired my head hurts, and I’m irritable Alright, military diet’s coming THROUGH right now. I got my.. medium rare steak, and a cup of green beans, and I still get an apple, half a banana, and a cup of ice cream, so I’m feeling better now All right, here is breakfast day 2. We’ve got one slice of toast One egg and half a banana, and I gotta get my cup of coffee Is… What is this right now? What is that? Alright, It is day two, I just had my breakfast. I’m feeling pretty good. It actually filled me up a bit, but My lunch today is a cup of cottage cheese, an egg, and five saltines So we’ll see how that goes It’s day two of the military diet, (You’re on a military diet?) (It’s awful.) And this is what I have to stare at all day God damnit, I dropped my broccoli! Well, here’s my monster Weenie Hut Jr.

Meal, Here’s my boyfriend’s meal that looks so good! I can’t have it. Your veggies look better though. What? Your veggies look better than mine. I dunno about the hot dogs.. Well. Yeah, they do, but that looks like Jambalaya.. looks REAL GOOD. Is this how you open a coconut, Lily? Yeah, I watched Castaway, I know how this works. Lily’s forcing me to eat a coconut on my last day. Cause it’s the last day Last day! Last Day! Alright. This is day three I’m about to head home to eat dinner. I’m very lightheaded today. This is the final day in you eat less and less each day so today, I think I’ll clock in at Around 1,100 Calories. Just to put it in perspective, my basal metabolic rate is about 1,700 calories So I’m very hungry. I’m very irritated And I’m just tired. I’m so lethargic right now This is stupid! As I’m about to devour my final meal, I’ve learned there’s nothing more delicious than ice cream and tuna! Whoo…

Why haven’t we thought about this before? The Victoria’s secret diet has nothing on this, and don’t call me a baby until you’ve tried this. my mood I could cut a bitch right now. Y’all I feel like such an old person because I just had oatmeal For the first time today, and I am so happy and I’m so happy this is over, bless up, uh I love food.

Hi, everyone, it is a Beautiful day because I am not on a diet and I’m so excited you guys look… I get that the hardest part was only three days and then the Four days are just kind of like regular diet stuff, but guys… It was not fun. I do not recommend this to anybody. I don’t care how skinny you want to get how fast It was weird my dinners were bizarre It was a combination of meat and ice cream which sounds good, but during the day You’re limited to like one slice of bread and one egg and I know that there will be people in the comments that are like you just ate more than I eat in a day and I can’t believe in being a baby.

It was hard. Okay. It was really hard and I just feel like the nutrition was all over the place and weird and wonky and It was like you know in the morning, It was very carb heavy and then you know protein Heavy but there was rarely, you know, a balance of vegetables and fruit and you know I was so surprised that the lunches were like a slice of bread and tuna and not something that involved a lot of Nutrients, it was very strange, and I found myself getting like emotional about things I slept really poorly. I just didn’t feel good and my head hurt all the time That might have been from the Detox of sugar But it was also very strange that you’re drinking so much coffee on so little calories So I felt very hyper all the time. I felt like the world was going to end and it was like super anxious Did I lose weight? Yeah, I mean a couple pounds, but the problem with diets like this.

Is that you’re so restrictive And you can’t have certain things so when you’re off of it All you want is the thing you couldn’t have so then your weight. Just goes back up again You know what I recommend this for No, you know I wouldn’t recommend it I would rather just you know count my calories and eat a ton of vegetables and a low-fat diet That’s the secret. I was tired all the time And by the third day when you’re at 1,100 calories is your total as your total and I’m used to 1,800 calories as my total it’s Exhausting you’re tired, and you don’t want to exercise Let me know what, what you want me to go through next.

I’m thinking Pippa Middleton’s diet or beyonce? I don’t know um Yeah, let me know you guys, and I hope this helped. I hope it’s shed light on what this diet is like Make sure to Like this video if you thought it was cool or interesting and subscribe because I’m going to have a lot more diet content And I’m really excited to start doing some more recipes and stuff, and I love that you guys share your fitness journey tips and Everything like that, so I guess I’ll see you next time Bye! .

How to Manage Diet in Hostel or PG For College Students

Hello Friends. Welcome to Fit Tuber. I have been living away from my home for over 11 years now. And in these 11 years I have lived in various hostels and PGs. So, I can very well understand that it is not easy to maintain a healthy diet there because most of the things are not under your control. But having experienced it all, I can share with you my tips and tricks that will surely make your diet in hostel healthier. Healthy eating in a hostel of PG is all about making the smart choices. Whenever you eat in the hostel mess, generally there are a few options on the table. You should choose the best option and ignore the others. For example instead of that oily good for nothing curry, have dal. Instead of having simple carbohydrates like white rice, have whole wheat roti which is a complex carbohydrate. Talking about complex carbohydrates, I would suggest you to buy oats. Now, the best thing about oats is that you need not cook them separately. Just pouring hot water or milk on them makes them ready to eat. I am quite sure that you would be getting milk your breakfast.

So you can actually replicate this healthy breakfast recipe in your hostel itself. Just put hot milk on oats and top it up with almonds, flaxseeds and banana. This would make a well balanced oatmeal and it would be a great start for your day. Not only this, you can add oats to hot curries and dals as well and it would be a great alternative to white rice. One of the major problems faced by the people living in hostel or PG is that they are unable to fulfill their daily protein intake. Well, a few months back I was living in a PG. There I requested the PG owner to get me 15 eggs boiled every day and I would pay extra for it. She readily agreed. I would buy eggs and they would charge 3 rupees for boiling each egg.

I used to have 15 eggs in 3 servings (5 in each). I used to add those eggs into curries and make them protein rich. Same thing can be done with paneer as well. You can buy fresh or packet paneer. Ask somebody to boil it so that it becomes softer and then you can add it in curries and make them protein rich. This will boost your daily protein intake to a great extent. And in some places they even allow you to keep kettle. Then it becomes easier. Instead of using it to make maggi everytime, you can use it to boil eggs also. If you are living in a hostel and working out for muscle gains, I would suggest you to buy whey protein. Whey protein is a safe option and can be consumed by anybody. Now, when you have lunch or dinner in hostel, I think they would be providing you with salad.

No matter what your fitness goal is, just hop on that salad everytime. This will give you the essential vitamins and minerals and will also help in the reduction of fat. Eating healthy fats is not a problem when you are living in a hostel or PG. Almonds, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, flaxseeds. These are all healthy fat options. Then I have also shown you how to make a healthy peanut butter at home. Now next time when you go home, just get that made and it would serve as a great snack option for you Talking about healthy snacks, you should keep with you almonds, unsalted roasted peanuts, unsalted roasted chickpeas, carrots, cucumber, fruits, low fat milk, low fat yogurt etc always handy with you. I will tell you another snack option. When I was in hostel, I used to do this. I used to soak a handful of black chana overnight and this would serve me as a great snack option in the evening.

Then I would suggest you to do some form of exercise. Join a gym, play any sport or go for a run. Because anyway, you are not having the best of the diets. So burning a few calories will surely help you stay healthy. Then some tips always apply. Like practice drinking 3 liters of water everyday. But there is a way to drink water as well. Make sure you checkout this video. So avoid junk food because your food already in hostel is no less than junk food. Then have a good night sleep. I know that this would never happen in a hostel but it’s my duty to tell you. Because in a hostel we sleep a lot but we never sleep at night. Then I would suggest you to not indulge in smoking or drinking. Trust me, there is nothing cool about it. At last, I would again say that it’s all about making smart choices. And the more you learn about healthy eating, the smarter you become. 5 years back, I could not implement any of these ideas because I did not know about them.

But now I feel that these tips are doable in respect of hostel and PG life. So friends! I would suggest you to checkout this playlist and try to incorporate as much as you can. Also go through the description of this video as I have added more information regarding this topic. And friends, drop in all your queries and doubts in the comment section. Even the simplest of things, ask me. I will be most happy to help you. So friends, I hope you found this video helpful. Well, if you did, do give it a thumbs up.

And also, please do remember to subscribe to my channel. My name is Vivek, I thank you so much for watching. .

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Easiest Diet & Weight Loss EVER! Lose Weight Healthy Dieting Tips Psychetruth Nutrition Info

Life Wisdom i spent the last few days watching you tube videos about people who weigh three and four hundred even eight hundred pounds it’s no secret that America is getting fatter, it’s estimated that sixty four percent of americans are overweight with about half of those being clinically obese even childhood obesity is skyrocketing and now one in three children is over weight. So clearly most of us are struggling with weight gain and we’re struggling against afood industry that seems dedicated to selling us more crappy foods.

So recently we did a video recommending that people eat more like a our grandparents ate when they were our age and in this video I’m going to tell you how. A quick look at obesity rates in this country might help explain why we would recommend that we eat more like our grandparents. Prior to the 1950s, less than ten percent of Americans were obese and that rate increased steadily until the 1980s when we saw a pretty steep increase in. obesity. At this point the obesity rate is three times higher than it was just fifty years ago so what’s so different about the way the grandma ate when she was our age and the way we’re eating now let’s take a look Grandma ate real food and that was prepared in a kitchen but most modern processed foods are actually created in a laboratory by scientists a quick look at the back of the food label will tell you whether that food is made of food or is made of chemicals things like monosodium glutamate (MSG) high fructose corn syrup polydimethylsiloxane, brominated vegetable oil, EDTA, TBHQ, most of these chemicals didn’t even exist when your grandma was your age.

Now this rules out all the fast food the processed food junk foods just add water instant meals or microwave meals but it doesn’t necessarily rule out bread pasta hamburgers pizza french fries or any of the foods that you really want to eat. You just have to make sure that they’re actually made of real foods and were prepared in a kitchen rather than in a laboratory by scientists. Grandma’s food mostly came from her own backyard or maybe her neighbor’s backyard but most modern foods travel anywhere from thirteen hundred to five thousand miles from the farm to your table. grandma may have every once in a while gotten to enjoy some food that someone brought to her or maybe the milkman had to travel thirty or forty miles to make his delivery but most modern foods are traveling significantly larger distances and most people aren’t eating foods that were grown locally In 1870 one hundred percent of the apples consumed in iowa were grown in Iowa, but in 1999 only fifteen percent of the apples consumed in Iowa were actually grown in iowa. the nutritional content of a food decreases over time and it decreases significantly when foods travel a significantly long distance.

In many cases chemicals are even used to preserve the foods. civil engineers use the term food miles to describe how this mass transportation of food affects the environment and our energy usage your best bet is to try as much as you can to eat locally grown foods and depending on where you live this can be somewhat difficult the website will actually let you search for farmers markets by zip code Another option would be growing your only food or even starting shared community gardens in your city. Grandma’s food came out of her oven or maybe she ate them right out of the dirt. but most modern processed foods come out of drive-through windows cardboard boxes plastic wrap or even electronics snack-dispensing robots close to one hundred percent of the food that grandma ate when she was your age she actually had to cook and prepare herself maybe she was lucky enough to have someone else do the cooking but the point is that if most of the figure eating is coming out of a microwave or plastic container and you’re not feeling particularly vibrant and healthy, then that could be your problem and if your mouth is gaping open at the thought of having to actually cook, then you need to snap out of it millions of people are doing it right now in most of them aren’t as fat as we are and millions of people have survived exclusively on cooking their own food before us so just suck it up Grandma wasn’t exposed to hundreds of food advertisements day after day but we endure temptation after temptation every time we turn on the TV walk down the street or even go out to a ball game next time you’re watching tv count how many commercials you see for junk foods or restaurants and pay attention to what kind of foods there featuring in those advertisements chances are most of those foods didn’t even exist when your grandma was your age once i started becoming aware of how relentless their marketing is and how much they assumed that i would just be a “good little overeating consumer” it became a lot easier for me to recognize those temptations and consciously divert my attention.

Grandma only ate when she was hungry or when she could afford food, depending on her situation. but in 2000 americans were eating an average of five hundred calories more than they were eating in the 1960s, and that fact alone can explain the obesity epidemic. But why are we eating so much more food? of course there are a lot of different factors like the temptations i mentioned earlier but we should also remember that junk and processed foods are full of Empty Calories and that means these are calories that turn straight into fat but they’re not going to fill you up they’re not going to leave you satisfied and you’re going to be hungry again pretty shortly after eating them.

Until only a few decades ago food was grown and supplied by people, hundreds of thousands of them but most modern foods are actually manufactured by machines or grown on factory farms by small numbers of people. Since 1999 over three hundred thousand farmers have gone out of business in1980, it was estimated that eighty percent of the meat consumed in America was being produced by only four companies, and it’s also been estimated that up to ninety percent of the foods found in grocery stores are produced by only ten companies In the 60s and 70s Secretary of Agriculture, Earl Butts, orchestrated significant changes in federal farming subsidies and food manufacturing policies, all in an effort to boost US production and income. The system ended up fueling large agribusiness producers at the expense of small farmers Butts was also a supporter of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers perhaps it’s presumptuous to link the significant changes in food production policies with the skyrocketing obesity rates only a decade later but i’m going to do it anyway your best bet is to opt for local or organic foods as much as possible.

Grandma got a workout preparing her food. Whether she was milking cows, churning butter or working in the garden all day she was burning a whole lot more calories than we do walking to and from the car or handing our credit card to the cashier the farther back in time you go the more physical labor was required just for everyday survival dishwashers microwaves and other modern conveniences are convenient but the lack of physical exercise is certainly taking its toll whether you take up gardening or just try to cook more meals at home there’s an added bonus that you’re going to be burning some calories in the process cooking at home can even be a fun family activity too where you get the kids involved in helping you cook and even helping you clean Grandma ate her food at a table I’m being pretty presumptuous here, because i don’t really know where your grandma ate her food but i do know that she didn’t eat in a car or while sitting on a counch in front of a television or computer screen It’s likely that most households ate meals together and chances are they actually sat at at table The point here is to actually sit down and relax while you eat your meal, eating while you’re stressed out or while you’re multitasking or running errands can literally cause you to gain more weight.

When you’re stressed out your body is releasing cortisol and cortisol inhibits digestion so if you can actually sit down relax enjoy your meal you’re not only more likely to feel full and satisfied afterwards but it’s also going to help you digest that food better and it’s going to contribute to you not being such a fat ass. Grandma was a meal planner and chances are she had more than just one mouth to feed. She was constantly in a state of preparing food and thinking of what she was going to serve everybody and she’s probably kind of a Ninja of meal planning, it became so subconscious that she really didn’t even have to think about it that much the point here is that most of us eat whatever we drive past or whatever we see we have tons and tons of junk food at our beck and call anytime we wanted but grandma didn’t have that she just out of necessity prepared foods and people were a lot healthier because of it so if you’re horrified at the thought of putting meals together just get over yourself and realize it’s just not that big of a deal.

Grandma ate vegetables gosh darn it! But according to the UDSA less than ten percent of the average American’s caloric intake is coming from fruits and vegetables. In our video on the average American diet we explained that twenty five percent of the average caloric intake is coming from added fats, so these are things like margarine processed, partially hyrdogenated oils, and other foods which literally didn’t even exist when your grandma was your age It’s also estimated that up two 17 percent of our coloric intake is coming from added sugar, so Americans are literally eating more sugar than fruits and vegetables combined.

If there’s one thing that you take from this video it’s to please please please, Eat more vegetables!! Many people say that they can’t eat healthy because they just cant afford it but i think that’s a big load of bull and in a future video we’re going to do the price comparison fast foods verses the raw ingredients it would take to make them yourself. i personally think don’t eat very much meat but it’s not because of philosophical reasons it’s because modern factory farming methods makes really unhealthy meat. in a future video i’m gonna talk more about factory farming and what’s wrong with the meat we eat. if there’s something that you’d like to see us make a video about please leave me a comment and let me know what that is thank you so much for watching today please be sure to give me a thumbs up if you liked this video, Share it with your friends, subscribe to our channel and be sure to friend Psychetruth on Facebook. to see the original video where we recommended that people eat more like our grandparents did when they were our age, check out the video a diet that really works how did Americans get so fat? To find out more check out our video on the Average American Diet. If you’ve ever like you just can’t resist junk foods it could be because they’re literally designed to be addictive to find out more check out our video on junk food addiction.

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What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 3

Hi Vanderfits and welcome to day three of our seven-day model diet plan I’m so excited for today’s. So let’s get started with the first thing which is of course the lemon with the hot water which we drink every single day in case you haven’t watched the videos that were before these two two previous days of the Vanderfit challenge then please watch those first because there I explain everything more in depth why you should use the lemon water but for all the Vanderfits who already got started with this challenge you guys already know it you guys rock! So let’s just get into breakfast right away. This time my boyfriend made me breakfast which was so sweet of him and he gave me one of these smoothies from Innocent which is really nice you could just buy a store-bought smoothie or make it yourself I will have everything listed down below such as the ingredients what is used in this smoothie and everything like that and then together with that he gave me a delicious breakfast he used a little bit too much of that booster that I mentioned in the two previous videos but besides that it was so delicious it was just plain low-fat yogurt with coconut crisps and nuts like walnuts and almonds. So super delicious! And after that I just had some ginger tea because I love ginger and then it is already time to get to lunch which is so exciting.

Today we’re going to make a Greek feta salad with onion and tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, obviously flatbread, spinach just really good ingredients. So let’s get started right away with making this and cutting everything up. So first we cut our feta cheese and then we cut our onion, then we use our tomatoes we’ve cut those up and we just place the spinach on the plate of course first wash your vegetables it’s really important and then just assemble all the ingredients on top of it. Listed below is how much I use for this but again I’m cooking for two people because I really want to stick to the Mediterranean diet like I explained yesterday we’re sharing your food is key. So now I put on some of the olives and then I use some olive oil to finish it all off.

That’s everything that I use for the dressing, so really simple, really easy and then some of that flatbread to go with it which is really nice and this is just a perfect lunch in my opinion How good does this look? I’m just like in awe this was so good! Please try it out! And then it is time for dinner. This time I cooked for my boyfriend but also for my mom and my grandpa because of course sharing is caring so I made stuffed bell peppers which is one of the favorite dishes of my grandpa and my mom and I have to say it’s a little bit more difficult to make because it just requires some time but once you make it you feel so rewarded so please if you haven’t tried stuffed peppers yet or you just have tried it but never made it yourself please give it a go because it’s so good of course I don’t eat meat so we’re going to make a vegetarian version with bell peppers obviously we’re going to use some of this Ketjap Manis which is really important in the dish we’re going to use some white rice some shredded cheese some of these delicious tomatoes and then just cut up vegetables which is just everything is listed down below but it’s just basically carrots and other bell peppers that are stuck inside the other bell peppers we’re going to use courgette, onion everything like that basically every vegetable that you have in your fridge right now can be cut up and used in this dish because everything will taste delicious trust me! And then we’re just going to cut up our tomato We’re going to put a timer for the rice and then once the rice is cooked you’re going to let it rest for about ten minutes and don’t spill all your eyes like I’m doing here then we’re going to cut open the bell peppers by just separating the little top which is the head from the body and we’re going to make sure that there are just no seeds left in the body so that the bell peppers look like this and they can be stuffed.

Now we’re going to use some olive oil and cook up our vegetables like the tomatoes which is actually a fruit which always boggles my mind and then we’re going to use the other vegetables and then in the meantime I’m going to make a dip out of this low-fat yogurt with garlic. We’re going to use three cloves because I’m going to cook for four people so that’s quite a few then we’re going to use just some pepper and we’re going to stir that all together with that yogurt we’re going to put some ketjap on our vegetables that are currently stir-frying and then we’re going to mix those vegetables with our white rice and then just shove it in the bell peppers really generously but not too full and then we’re going to finish it off with some shredded cheese and then just put them in the oven say bye bye for – it’s quite a long time – I put my oven on 200 degrees and I think they were in there for about 25 minutes but I just checked every time to see if they were ready so I’m just like winging it because it’s hard to set a specific time you just have to leave them for 15 minutes and then just open the oven regularly and you can use a trick with the fork waiting just stab the bell pepper “I’m sorry bell pepper, I’m not trying to be harmful but we just need to check upon you” So we’re just going to stab the bell pepper and then when it’s really soft it’s time to take them out and then they look like this and you can just eat them together with some of that beautiful yogurt dip that we made together and that is everything already that was the what I eat in a day for today we got our fruits in the smoothie we got our vegetables in our bell pepper dish, we got our delicious salad.

I think this is the perfect diet day for me because it’s everything that I love and I hope that you guys love it as well if you make any of these dishes then please share them with #Vanderfit so I can repost them on my @vander_fit Instagram account and on my Twitter account which are all linked down below and of course you can also message me on the Vanderfit Facebook group and share your ideas and your recipes there so that we can all get Vanderfit together. So I hope you guys loved it Stay tuned for tomorrow, for day four! and goodbye .

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